Invitation To Curate Anthologies

Indic Academy is pleased to invite academics and public intellectuals to conceptualise and curate anthologies on various topics from our civilisational thought. Under this scheme, Curators have to first submit the ideas they wish explore to us. After a round of discussion and fine tuning of the idea, we will make an announcement inviting upcoming authors to participate in a contest. From the entries so received, Curator have to select the ten best authors, engage with them to refine their ideas and writing, advise us on the appropriate intervention ( We will gift an online writing course or a workshop to the authors)  to improve their writing skills, oversee the editing of their final drafts ( a professional editor will be engaged by us)  and submit the manuscript for publication.

We are looking to hire 10 curators and through them publish 10 anthologies by 10 authors each. The scheme is articulated in greater detail by our Founder Hari Kiran in the video below. Each curator will be paid a fee of Rs 30,000.

The anthologies completed and under progress can be accessed in the links below.