Celebrating The First 1000 Reviewer Club, Launching of The Second Edition


We are pleased to announce to the launch of the second edition of 1000 Reviewer Club 2022. Please do join us using this form.

1000 REVIEWER CLUB 2021:

When INDICA Books launched its 1000 Reviewers Club - 2021 in November 2020 , it was by far one of the most ambitious book review projects we could have imagined. To send 5000 books to 1000 reviewers over the course of one year. Five-thousand books for the reviewers to have. No obligations. Except that we asked them to review the books they received. We didn’t ask for positive, laudatory reviews – only genuine, honest reviews.

Over the course of the year, we sent 5000 copies of 86 books from 71 authors to 1114 reviewers.

To some reviewers we ended up sending seven books, while a few got only one.  This was based on a number of factors, including compliance with the terms-and-conditions of our program, the reviewers’ responses, as well as logistical reasons (like incorrect addresses and missing mobile numbers).

This table captures the breakdown of the number of books we sent to reviewers cohort.

Number of Reviewers Number of books Total Number of books
29 1 29
20 2 40
37 3 111
524 4 2,096
337 5 1,685
130 6 780
37 7 259
1114 5000

A breakdown of the books, their authors, and the number of copies we sent out is captured in the table below:

[table id=2 /] 

We got hundreds of reviews that readers shared with us and posted on Amazon and Goodreads. They also shared these reviews on Twitter and Facebook.


Separately from the “1000 Reviewers Club – 2021”, INDICA Books has also been sending books, since 2015, to a curated list of influencers that now exceeds 620 people. Over the past seven years we have sent over 11000 books to this list. Together with the 5000 sent to the 1000 Reviewers, the total number of books sent by us is over 16000! 

1000 REVIEWER CLUB 2022:

We now invite all the passionate book lovers to join us on this journey once again. As you can see we simply love gifting books ! However as we get ready to start the second edition “1000 Reviewers Club – 2022”, here is some information to get reviewers started: it has some general information as well as some terms-and-conditions.

  1. We will be sending out only physical books.
  2. Like before, these books will be sent out to addresses in India only.
  3. Reviews must be posted to Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  4. Please share your reviews on Twitter and Facebook and tag our Twitter handle. If posting on Facebook, please join our Facebook group and share your reviews there. Links are provided below.
  5. We are setting out to send you five books, less or more is a function of how you respond and fulfil to your side of the bargain. Sharing the image of the book you received on social media, reading and writing a review and sharing the same is what we expect of you. We will surely send you three books in good faith, post that you will receive books based on your performance.
  6. Reviews have to be original (i.e., no plagiarism or copy-paste from someone else’s review) and meaningful (this means that reviews of the ‘I liked this book. It is a good book. Everyone should read this book.’ variety do not count).

Look forward another exciting edition.

Happy receiving ,reading and reviewing and most importantly sharing !

Warm Regards

Chief Curator

Abhinav Agarwal