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Wiser is a compilation of 366 Sanskrit sayings collected from various works in Sanskrit from ancient times, particularlySubhashita Ratna Bhandagaram of the 9th century. These sayings are full of invaluable advice in the form of shlokas on all aspects of holistic living including interactions in society, human relationships, oddities of human behaviour and control of the lower passions residing in the human mind. These maxims also cover our reaction to experiences, awareness of a divine power beyond our perception, precious anecdotes from history and many more that defy any categorization. One can randomly open any page and find oneself wiser on the other side.

Prof.V.Krishnamurthy is a former Professor of Mathematics and Deputy Director of BITS Pilani with over two decades of association with that great Institution. Born in 1927 into the family of an erudite Vedic scholar, ShriR.Visvanatha Shastrigal, he has been systematically trained and drunk deep of the Vedic tradition and Shastras from boyhood. This shines in the present offering.

He has lectured widely to both domestic and foreign audiences on our ancient scriptures like the Upanishads, Valmiki Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita. As a prolific writer with more than a dozen books on Mathematics, Hinduism and Advaita Philosophy, he is noted for his missionary zeal for making these accessible to the educated layman. His latest publication among others is Thus Spake Krishna. In addition, he is a recipient of half a dozen awards and honours for his distinguished thoughts and contributions, the latest being a Grateful2 Gurus Awardby the Indic Academy.