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Unsung Valour -Forgotten Warriors of The Kurukshetra War

Did you know that a little-known Panchala prince, Yudhamanyu, single-handedly defeated the great Duryodhana?
Or that Shakuni was a valiant warrior on the battlefield?
How did Iravan, the son of Arjuna by Naga Princess Ulupi, rout the whole Gandhara armies all by himself?
And how did the ageing king Bhagadatta, perched on his famed elephant Supratika, defeat a whole army of the Pandavas led by Bhima?

Loyal. Valiant. Steadfast.
They were all that and more.
They secured crucial victories.
They were indispensable.
And yet, there were forgotten.

Unsung Valour: Forgotten Warriorsof the Kurukshetra War is an attempt by ten writers to bring forth those forgotten warriors of the Mahabharata. Reimagined with passion and devotion, each story brings you a new perspective of the epic as each warrior gears up for his big day on the battlefield. In this epic battle, they are all related by either blood or loyalty.

These stories capture the poignance, valour, unsung victories and eventual destinies of the warriors. This is a magnificent attempt to explore the epic in dimensions that have not been explored yet.