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The 10 Gunas (Mindsets) for Jiva (You), Jivan (Life) and Moksha (Fulfilment)

Prof. P.R. Mukund

The Vedic way of life is much more powerful and a lot simpler than you have ever imagined.

Born and raised in India, Prof. P.R. Mukund teaches electrical engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. Like most people, he was also full of misconceptions about the Vedic way of life.

On a trip to India in 1993, he met the renowned Vedic scholar Dr Bannanje Govindacharya and thus began his transformation. Till then, Prof. Mukund held the belief that it was the shishya (disciple) who searches for a guru (teacher); but after meeting Dr Govindacharya, he realized that the universe works the other way round—the guru finds the shishya. Just as a transformer in a mobile phone charger brings down the high voltage to a manageable level and charges a device, the guru funnels the infinite knowledge and energy present in the universe, matches it to the disciple’s level of intake and pours it into them.

From mopping floors as a janitor after moving to the US in the ’70s to becoming an engineer, Prof. Mukund is now helping cleanse people’s minds using Vedic science. In this book, he explains how the ten gunas—jnana, bhakti, vairagya, pragnya, medha shakti, dhriti, stithi, yoga, prana and bala—completely transformed his life and how they can transform yours too. He has put countless individuals on the path of fulfilment by helping them connect with the knowledge and wisdom gained from not only this but also previous lifetimes.

This book is about values reborn, knowledge regained and bliss reimagined.

Prof. P.R. Mukund is an electronics engineer who has spent 36 years in academia and 6 years in the industry. He is a globally acclaimed expert in the field of analog and radio frequency integrated circuit design and has led many research projects for both the government and the semiconductor industry. He has published extensively in international journals and conferences worldwide.

Prof. Mukund is also a student and teacher of Vedic science and spirituality and guides hundreds of people in every aspect of life. In 2006, he started Tara Prakashana, a non-profit trust that has saved thousands of palm-leaf manuscripts through the use of modern technology.

Having spent close to five decades in engineering and close to three decades in the Vedic world, Prof. PR Mukund has been connecting the two worlds. His books are one of the outcomes of this contemplation

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