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Ratul Chakraborty

Sutradhar is a dramatized retelling of events, myths and legends set across the arc of Indian history. In order to be relevant to the current social climate of India and the World, the stories are written from an authentic, firmly rooted Indic perspective, exploring a wide range of worldviews, sociological schemas and philosophical approaches within the context of the narratives. The seven tales that form this collection span multiple genres, from historical fantasy to cosmic horror, and are often tinged with dark, absurdist undertones. As Rakul tells us, “This book is a fight against deracination, above all my own. The vast majority of the mainstream entertainment that we consume today is infected with both overt and subconscious messaging that pushes a vicious socio-political narrative of a particular ideological slant. The tragedy is that most people are unaware of this cultural war that is being waged upon them. This work is an attempt to bring these issues into light”

Ratul Chakraborty is one of the most accomplished video game makers in India. He is fascinated by History and People, the two topics which form the focus of this work. He loves to travel across India doing street portraiture photography, and is also a lifelong follower of Juventus FC. Ratul is currently based out of Bengaluru, where he lives with his wife Surela and two rescued indies, Truffles and Mowgli.