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Ramayana Trio: Valmiki . Kamban . Tulsi

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

This book offers 150 of the author’s favorite choices from the Ramayana epics of Valmiki, Kamban and Tulsi. Comparative analysis and informative interpretation of the exposition by the three poets make this narration valuable. Illustrations at appropriate points and appendices with ready applications to spiritual life add special value. The result is an enjoyable sojourn through the Ramayana along with a taste of the narrative styles of the three master poets.

V. Krishnamurthy (b.1927) was a professor of mathematics for four decades and an author of several books in mathematics. Since his retirement as the deputy director of BITS, Pilani, in 1988, he has been writing on spiritual matters and has also given numerous discourses on religious topics to Indian as well as foreign audiences. He has to his credit more than a dozen books on Hinduism and spirituality, the latest two being Thus Spake Krishna and A Primer of Spirituality.

His website contains a large variety of highly read articles on Hinduism, covering fundamentals, bhakti, jnana, Vedanta, science and spirituality, translations of Sanskrit and Tamil philosophical works and also videos of his lectures through YouTube. The precision, clarity and irresistible appeal to the modern mind in all his writings and speeches go back to a rich experience as a successful communicator of mathematics during his professional life and also the spiritual training that was received from his father from early childhood. He is a recipient of half a dozen awards and honours, the latest being a Grateful 2 Gurus award by the Indic Academy.