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Mauri: The Woman Who Challenged Krishna

Saiswaroopa Iyer

She wants to kill the man whom others call God. However, love unwittingly becomes an obstacle in her sworn path. With her father's death shattering her world, Mauri is torn away from everything she had once loved. Anger has replaced every emotion within her, and she seeks only one thing-to kill her father's killer. Even if the man is none other than Krishna Vaasudeva, the man whom people worship as God.Someone is standing in the way though, reining in her bitterness when she is least prepared for it-the rakshasa prince Ghatotkacha! But by the time love sprouts within her, Mauri has gone too far in her thirst for vengeance and has endangered Kamarupa, the high seat of the Supreme Goddess.Does Ghatotkacha realise the true intentions of his lover? Can Mauri fight her own monsters and defend the temple? Can she save herself and Ghatotkacha before both their worlds are destroyed? Can Mauri fight her own monsters and defend the temple?Can Mauri save herself and Ghatotkacha before both their worlds are destroyed?

Formerly an analyst with a Venture capital firm, Saiswaroopa’s interests include Startups, Economics, Carnatic Music, Philosophy, Politics, History and Literature of India. She won a state level gold medal from TTD in rendering Annamacharya Kritis. She holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Her first novel Abhaya explores the Diwali legend of Narakasura and the fascinating stories around his Shakta origins. Best Selling author Amish Tripathi has endorsed Abhaya saying,

“Abhaya allows us to delve into the world of our ancestors and Gods through the route of great storytelling and a brilliant narrative. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”

Her second novel Avishi explores the forgotten RigVedic legend of Vishpala and reimagines the Rig Vedic India in its fascinating richness. Concepts like pre marital society, Ancient medicine including prosthetics and democracy in ancient India have been explored in this novel.

She currently lives in London. Her next novella, Daughter of Mura is a sequel to Abhaya set in the Mahabharata times and explores the bitter sweet love story of Ghatotkacha and Mauri