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MAHARANAS: A Thousand Year War for Dharma

Dr. Omendra Ratnu

The book that is going to become as sacred as scriptures in each Hindu home. The book that will destroy the lies woven around the glorious Hindu resistance for one thousand uninterrupted years to Islamic invaders of various hues.

The book that will reveal the truth of the greatest Dynasty, not just the greatest Hindu Dynasty, not just the greatest Dynasty of Bharat, but the greatest Dynasty in the world: The Sisodiyas of Mewad. The Avataras who fought invaders non-stop for 1000 years, who endured all hardships, who refused to surrender even when their kingdom was encircled by enemies on all sides, who lived like nomads, but refused to give up. The Dynasty because of which Kesaria still flies on the sacred land of Bharat.

The book questions the whitewash of the deeds and lives of the great Maharanas, especially the greatest of them; Maharana Pratap Singh.

Written by a passionate practicing surgeon who brings the same incisiveness, exactness, and accuracy to the study of the history of this great Dynasty, as his profession.

The book that will arouse in you the sleeping kshatriya, and will remind you that honour and pride do not define the man, they are the man.

Omendra Ratnu is a practising ENT surgeon who also has an abiding passion for culture, history and Dharma. He has been a columnist with various newspapers and web portals writing on issues of Hindu survival in the subcontinent. He has authored a small book on the plight of the minorities of Pakistan titled, The Hindus of Pakistan : A Genocide Forgotten.

Dr. Ratnu has a keen interest in the history of Rajasthan and has written several articles on the history of Mewar. He is also a songwriter, singer and music composer.

Dr. Ratnu presently runs an NGO, Nimittekam, to rehabilitate minority refugees from Pakistan in Bharat.