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Looking Back

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

Precious few have lived so complete a life as to encompass so many integral parts of our identity as Indians. Fewer still have had the foresight and generosity to document this journey for future generations to learn from.

V. Krishnamurthy is such a unique soul. Hailing from South India, he absorbed the vital essences of the Vedas, Upanishads and sacred Hindu texts from his father at a very young age. This faith and spirituality was foundational in later life as he navigated raising a family, pursuing a PhD with limited means, travelling to- and working in America in the 1960's and playing a pivotal role in the herculean task of creating a world-class educational institution for a burgeoning India as the nation started to come into its own.

For those who find this world fascinating, Krishnamurthy's narrative will give form and colour to what life was like over the last century. A veteran author, his latest work will give the reader a snapshot of his life, trials and time well spent on this earth.

V. Krishnamurthy (b.1927) was a professor of mathematics for four decades and an author of several books in mathematics. Since his retirement as the deputy director of BITS, Pilani, in 1988, he has been writing on spiritual matters and has also given numerous discourses on religious topics to Indian as well as foreign audiences. He has to his credit more than a dozen books on Hinduism and spirituality, the latest two being Thus Spake Krishna and A Primer of Spirituality.

His website contains a large variety of highly read articles on Hinduism, covering fundamentals, bhakti, jnana, Vedanta, science and spirituality, translations of Sanskrit and Tamil philosophical works and also videos of his lectures through YouTube. The precision, clarity and irresistible appeal to the modern mind in all his writings and speeches go back to a rich experience as a successful communicator of mathematics during his professional life and also the spiritual training that was received from his father from early childhood. He is a recipient of half a dozen awards and honours, the latest being a Grateful 2 Gurus award by the Indic Academy.