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Essays On Indic History

Vijender Sharma

History is not just a chronology of events from the past. In fact, it is a deep connection to our present. History shapes our culture, our languages, our politics and even our taste in arts and entertainment. It defines our preferences in food and our social values. It makes us who we are.

When we talk about history of India we discuss the ancient civilisations, the first empires, the invasions, the colonization and our struggle for independence. Somewhere, in the overwhelming load of information, we miss the history of places outside India, with shared civilizational ties. We miss out on the non-political history, which includes arts, literature, science, philosophy and enterprise.

My work attempts to bring out the bits in Indic History that the readers will find interesting and will be able to relate to. The whole idea of writing this book is to present Indic History in a way that is more fun. At the same time, it gives one a chance to look into the past and see how the events that took place thousands of years ago are still shaping and influencing our lives today.

Vijender Sharma is a member of the Indic Today Authors Group and the author of Essays on Indic History, the book is now available on Amazon. He tweets at @IndicHistory.