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Cownomics: The Holy Cow, Fulcrum of a Civilization

Arti Agarwal

Cownomics is a deep dive into the place of the cow in the society & economy. It takes a 360 degree view of the impact of cow slaughter and dairy farms on health, nutrition, environment, climate change, agriculture, and economics. It seeks to resurrect and revive the Vedic economic model of "Cownomics" - a healthy, prosperous society, the fulcrum of which was the holy cow.

Backed by scientific research as well as research from Hindu scriptural texts like Shiva Agamas, Vedas, Upanishads, Ayurveda texts, Yoga texts and many more, the book brings to light many forgotten aspects of how changing the place of the cow in the society can change the society at large, for better. Not a bundle of opinions, but sourced from of hundreds of research papers (350+), books (30+) & scriptures (30+) with ground research & independent analysis.

It is a misconception that banning cow slaughter & making dairy humane is not economically viable. The book discusses how this system is broken & ailing. It is hurting the economy, animals & YOU - and not helping anyone.

Demolishing all misplaced arguments, this is an exploration of a humane world.

Arti Agarwal is an alum of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is a marketer, data scientist and economist. Her first book, “Cownomics,” is to be released on 21 March, 2021.