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A Primer on Advaita : Based on AtmajnAnopadeshavidhi of Shankara

Dr. Ramesam Vemuri

This booklet is based on AtmajnAnopadeshavidhi, a short treatise (prakaraNa grantha) of Shankaracharya, much respected within the Advaita tradition. It leads the reader, literally holding his/her hand, from the simple way we observe the objects in the world to the inexpressible “Consciousness principle” (brahman) that is present in all of us and everywhere without any abstruse quotes or indecipherable terminologies.

“This translation by Dr. Ramesam Vemuri has made one of the most valuable works on Advaita now accessible to the English speaking public. – Peter Francis Dziuban, author of Consciousness Is All: Now Life Is Completely New

“A must-read for all Non-Dual practitioners who want to cut through the illusion and experience the Truth directly for themselves.” – Padma Neppalli, author of Not Two: The Essence of Non-duality

“It provides an easy-to-read summary of some of the fundamental concepts of Advaita and, as such, will greatly benefit the beginning student.” – Dennis Waite, author of A-U-M: Awakening to Reality

Dr. Ramesam Vemuri authored Religion Demystified (2008) and co-authored his latest book, Knowing-Being (2022). He worked with several Western Authors on Non-duality. He is a regular blogger at the Advaita Vision site, UK (Https://Www.Advaita-Vision.Org/Category/Ramesam/).

He rendered into English YogavasishtaYogataravali of Shankara and a few other books explicated by Shri K. V. Krishna Murty Garu, a well-respected and honoured Sanskrit scholar and Vedic Pundit and the Editor of Bhaktimala published by Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore, India.